Benefits of working in Dubai

October 22, 2019BY Kpinsu

Dubai is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. Located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf, it is a global city and the business hub of the Middle East.  It is also a major global transport hub for passengers and cargo. It has created a worldwide buzz. After 2000 the population in it was increased frequently. It went from an exciting wave to an almost tsunami of people entering Dubai. Owing to its strategic location and the dynamic lifestyle that this country offers its residents, there are many benefits to working in Dubai.

1. Good Salaries

The salary magnet factor applies to all the expats working in Dubai or other parts of the Middle East. Even the laborers from the Indian sub-continent, whose monthly wages and living conditions have pained the consciences of many residents, are doing better than they could possibly have done in Pakistan or India or Bangladesh.

For the frugal, the cost of living in the late 1990s and early 2000s was considerably lower than in the UK, the EU countries, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. It’s more expensive now, but it is still OK and is manageable.

2. Tax-free income

One of the major attractions for expats looking to work in Dubai is that the government does not impose any tax on personal salaries. This means that what you earn is yours to spend and you owe nothing to the government. This also results in a higher disposable income per capita, making Dubai a very attractive place for work. Most expats who work in Dubai are able to live at a level of comfort and afford luxury goods that they may not be able to enjoy in their home countries.

3. Multi-cultural workforce

With the growth of tourism in Dubai and the deliberate diversification from an oil-dependent economy, Dubai has established itself as a very foreigner-friendly destination. Over 80% of Dubai’s population is expats from all over the world, resulting in an internationally diverse workforce. This affords people the opportunity to get valuable international experience and establish a network with people from many other countries. With an increase in the presence of international companies in Dubai, the exposure to high-profile projects is much greater and you may end up working on a project that you may never have had the chance to experience in your own home country

4. Safe

The crime rate in Dubai is very low. Dubai is ranked #40 globally on the safety parameter and follows Muscat regionally. It doesn’t matter what time of the day you step out, you can freely walk on the streets of the emirate without the fear of being attacked or mugged. Crime-rate in the emirate is close to non-existent and the police are efficient and fast.

5. Plenty of work opportunities

Dubai is struggling to establish efficient processes in almost all sectors of industry (particularly media, medicine, oil and gas, construction, telecommunications, and information technology) and is largely dependent on the expat population to provide this expertise. As a result of this, there is a great opportunity for professionals and entrepreneurs who are looking to work or set up their businesses in Dubai. There is a long list of goods, services, and expertise needed in the region and professionals with unique skill sets, particularly at management level, are often offered very lucrative salary packages.

6. English is widely spoken

 Unlike most of the other cities in the Middle East, English is widely spoken and understood by most of the people who work and live in Dubai. There is no language barrier as such that can prove to be a major hindrance for expats. Knowing Arabic is definitely a plus, and it can land you better job opportunities. But that said, most of the local population speak and understand English, making it easier for expats from all over the world do business with the locals.

7.   Bigger and better houses

if you compare what your Dubai housing budget would get you by way of rental accommodation in London, Paris, New York or maybe even Auckland, you are better off in all cases in Dubai. Bigger, roomier, far more facilities and spaces. It is not uncommon in the mid-range housing to have maid’s bedrooms and bathrooms, in addition to bedrooms and bathrooms for family members.

8. Gateway to the world

No matter where you are from, Dubai is an incredibly convenient hub to visit other places in holiday times. If you are British or European, you are just seven or eight hours away from most destinations in South East Asia, fourteen hours from Australia. If you’re an Australian or a Kiwi, Europe is just six to seven hours away.No one from the southern latitudes would dream of heading to Europe if they had only a week of holiday time, but from here, it’s all perfectly possible. Long weekend? India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, the Maldives: they’re all within easy reach and you have lots of competition in the airline industry keen to take you there.