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How To Prepare For IELTS Exams

January 29, 2019BY Kpinsu

The IELTS exam is the defining step in your overseas study and career prospects. Most native English speaking countries demand an average or above average IELTS scores from the candidates applying from non-English speaking countries, like India. This blog covers the important steps that are essential to prepare for IELTS exams and achieve a commendable score in order to find admission in good Universities abroad.

Follow these steps and edge ahead of the competition to make a mark and get enrolment in the Universities of your choice.

How To Prepare For IELTS Exams

Get Familiar with the IELTS Test Format

The most important step towards IELTS preparation is to understand the format of the test. The IELTS test format comprises of four major sections that include, Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. You must get familiar with each of the test section by knowing the question patterns, the time allocation, and styles to answers them. At the same time know your strongest and weakest skills and lay more emphasis on the sections that require more attention. At the same time make sure you have aced your strongest skill from the entire test pattern.

Practice the Official IELTS Material

Once familiar with the test format you can now begin practicing the official IELTS exams from the previous years. Practicing the IELTS material is extremely useful especially the content provided by recognized test center’s who specialize in IELTS and TOEFL preparation. One of the highly recommended preparation materials is from the Cambridge University Press, which is known for its accuracy.

Practice the Mock Test or Sample Questionnaire

Practicing the sample questionnaire is one of the key steps in cracking the IELTS. Daily practice of the test format in different sections of speaking, reading, writing, and listening can get you in a zone where you know precisely on how to attempt the main exams. A number of online resources offer excellent mock tests that work great to prepare for IELTS exams.
Strategize exam Registration and Test Dates

IELTS exam takes place every month that gives you a window to strategize the registration process and pick an appropriate date to appear for the entrance. Once you have made thorough preparation and feel confident make sure you register for the test that is beneficial in the long run. Remember that a lot of candidate in India appear for IELTS and finding a slot for your desired date may be difficult. Therefore make sure that you have registered well in time for an exam slot that compliments your preparation.

If you can adhere to the steps given above then you stand a better chance of scoring higher in IELTS and thus improving the chances of overseas admission.