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How to choose an immigration consultant

October 8, 2019BY Kpinsu

Every person has a dream of going  abroad. Some people are lucky enough to fulfill their dreams however some are unable to do due to plethora of reasons. The major reason for this is choosing  the wrong immigration. Today, we are going to tell you how to select a legal and genuine immigration agent. By taking care of these pointers you can  avoid all sort of fraudulent activities, and can reach up to a right immigration.

Finding consultant by reference

Anyone who has gone through the immigration process is a potential source for referrals. You can also take a reference from a friend or a family. It will be better to take a reference. You can ask them well about immigration and recommend advice. Because if you will consult from someone you know, he will give you good advice.

Check on government website for registered consultant

By the way, there are many websites on which information about immigration can be found. But the government has maintained a list of legal advisers. From which one can get the right information.

Verify the credentials of the agent

We should first ask about his credentials from any agent. He / she must have certain certifications to work as a professional consultant. They need a formal education to know and understand the immigration rules properly. There is a professional degree required for becoming a registered immigration consultant. Nevertheless, fake degrees can be created. Therefore, it is up to you to verify the adviser’s certificates.

Check website & social media pages

You should first check the website of the immigration agent that you are consulting. You can directly contact immigration either through their website or by their social media pages. Every immigration has their social pages through which you can also get information about their position in market, their reviews along with their successful visas.

Check review & past records

Before working with any immigration agent, a review should be done thoroughly. You should check their old records to know how many visas they have earned. For this, you can also check their review on the site of immigration. To apply for a visa, they will give you a contract letter which you should read carefully. It should be well understood before signing.  If you still have questions, ask an adviser.

Visit and schedule a consultation

Any immigration consultant should be prepared to answer any questions you have. If you want to talk on the phone for consultation, you can call them. If the consultant is too busy, then you should cross them off from your list. You can schedule a consultation with several immigration consultants so that you can compare.

Check documents

When you go to immigration, you should definitely ask for documents. Because every jurisdiction has different license requirements. Or you can also see online what is the requirement of registration in your jurisdiction. And what will be its process.

Ask about fees

The consultant should be upfront about how much they will charge you and how much the whole process will cost. You have to take all these things in written from them. This should be the part of your contract letter which they have given you. And you have to take photocopies of each document.

Choose a consultant

Now it is the time to finalize a consultant after going through your notes which you have prepared by noting down all the necessary  information about each and every consultant.you need to ask few question to yourself.

  • Which consultant was the best in communication?
  • Which consultant you felt most comfortable with?
  • Which was the best rated consultant?
  • Which consultant has the more experience?

You shouldn’t necessarily hire the consultant who charges the least. Instead, compare their experience.

Avoid fraud agent

  • If a consultant encourages you to lie, then you should avoid working with them.
  • Avoid someone who encourages you to leave out key pieces of information from your application.
  • Be wary of working with someone who doesn’t have a translator on hand to help you. If the consultant can’t speak your language, you shouldn’t work with them.
  • Keep your original documents with you. Some scammers will hold onto your original documents and then demand that you to give them more money before they will return the documents.
  • Don’t pay with cash. Pay using a personal cheque, money order, or credit card.
  • You should also request a receipt from the consultant whenever you make a payment. The receipt should have the consultant’s name and address on it.
  • Don’t sign blank application forms.
  • Don’t sign forms or documents unless you can read them.
  • If you don’t understand them, ask someone to translate.
  • Make sure to get copies of any documents your representative makes for you.
  • Make sure your representative updates you on your application often.

After taking care of all the necessary precaution, still if you have worked with a scammer, you should report them to your jurisdiction’s attorney general. You might need to fill out a form explaining why you suspect fraud. You might hesitate to report a scammer because you are in the country illegally. In that situation, you should consult with a local charity or immigration rights group. They can advise you about your best course of action.

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