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Schooling Visa

K.P. international are worked on schooling visa from many years. Our students have gotten satisfaction from our schooling visa.

To acquire International education is a dream that almost every young Indian has seen at least once in the student or professional life. There are many consultancy firms in India who are providing many type of Visas like as: Permanent Residence, Study Visa, Work Permit, Tourist Visa, Visitor Visa, Spouse Visa. But some of them will provide Schooling Visa to the children. Parents want to send their child to get better education from Abroad for the betterment of their future. K.P. international Immigration Consultants is one of the best schooling visa consultants in India.

Things you should keep in mind:

If you hire an agent make sure the agent should be a REGISTERED MIGRATION AGENT of Australia

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Candidate must have been issued HAP id before uploading the case.

Presently all the student visa cases are filed ONLINE and it is done through immi account.

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