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Top Universities In New Zealand

November 2, 2018BY Kpinsu

New Zealand is one such country that has world class universities, high quality life, beautiful cities, and an unbeatable range of opportunities. This country has a lot to offer. The breathtaking range of terrains – including mountains, rainforest and of course coastline is all enough to divert any body’s mind. In case you are planning to study abroad, then New Zealand is best in terms of study destination.

Listed Below Are Some of The Best Universities of New Zealand:

Top Universities In New Zealand

1. University of Auckland:

The University of Auckland is the highest-ranked universities in New Zealand. Moreover, it is the largest and broad university in the country that has almost 40,000 students at six campuses and eight faculties. Five of its campuses are in Auckland, and the sixth is located in Whangarei.

2. University of Otago:

The University of Otago is the country’s oldest university that was established in 1869. Otago is based in the city of Dunedin on the South Island. The University has around 20,800 students, and is acclaimed for its best structure and gardens. It is regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful universities.

3. University of Canterbury:

The University of Canterbury is another oldest university in New Zealand that was founded in 1873 as Canterbury College. It is Located in Christchurch, which is the South Island’s largest city. The university has around 14,900 students, 1,100 of which are global.

4. Victoria University of Wellington:

Victoria University of Wellington was founded in 1897. The university offers a good range of programs, and is considered specifically strong for law, the humanities and social sciences.

5. Massey University:

Massey University is best known for applied nature of its courses and close links to the community. It is the only university in New Zealand to offer programs in aviation, dispute resolution, veterinary medicine, and nanoscience.

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